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The Great Indian Dog Show

A bunch of Indian dog lovers recently held what was called The Great Indian Dog show, a result of their desire to show off the charms of dogs adopted off the street and hosted by Blue Cross of India, the non-profit venture hopes to highlight the heroes who took in homeless pets and gave them a better life.  Not a sign of a pedigree document or breeding lines going back centuries, not a kennel club in sight nor the precision eye of an expert judge.  The Great Indian Dog Show, held in Bangalore, was intended to honour the Indian mongrel, the loveable mutt and  the Indian Dog!  And what a refreshing change it was, as eighty two mongrels, rescued and adopted by dog lovers, participated in the show, competing for trophies and titles as Cutest Puppy, the Biggest Dog, Best Coat and 'dog that kisses its owner the most'.  “No rules, no tricks. We love our dogs the way they are meant to be, not the way they are ‘expected’ to be” said a spokesman.

As owners brought their pets one-by-one on to the stage, they could hardly stop talking about their beloved dogs and companions. They narrated tales about their dogs having their own Facebook account or had them dressed up in a smart tie or pretty dress (very Americano).

Fourteen-year-old Tommy, a black Indian dog, attended the event and took the competition seriously. Dressed in a white T-shirt with matching shorts and a bright red tie, impressing the judges with his formal attire.

Four-month-old Tiny, though, was the show stealer from the very outset. The little dog wore a sparkling purple dress that her owner, Aiswariya, had stitched herself. Tiny won the “cutest puppy” award at the show. The pup was so worn out that she could barely keep her eyes open and settled for a nap on her owner’s lap by the end of the event.

Not all the dogs sadly had homes, but the show was a great place to show of those looking for a family to join, like Govind. He is loved and looked after by the staff at offices where he lives,  but unfortunately the company bosses feel Govind needs to go, so he was brought to the dog show in the hope he could find a home. His companion, Vikram said, "He has been part of our office for a very long time now and due to social reasons we have been forced to bring him out for adoption - so we are trying to see if he can get a better home and see that he has a happy life."

Several puppies did find homes and as one of the main aims of the Great Indian Dog Show was to get people to understand and appreciate just how lovable Indian dogs are, this was a great start, even though much more needs to be done.

One dog after the next seemed to demonstrate a need to show of their affections. one dog, Mocha, was found outside a students house when he was at his ninth standard exams. It was love at first site, said the student, Venkatesh, although his parents weren't as enthusiastic, but Mocha stayed and now the parents are as crazy for Mocha as their son.

Dog lovers can be found worldwide. We are looking for dog lovers from around the world, and will upload details as and when we can. But how warming it is to see a group of Indian dog lovers want to share their joy by organising a dog show.